Monday, May 23, 2011

Finally back after a crazy couple of months...

Ok so its a Monday and life is just as crazy as always but decided like for many other things in my life if I dont get it done its just not going to get done so am back blogging and trying out new recipes...also have 6 new Thermomix books recently added to my collection (some still on their way) so lots of inspiring photos and recipes to get me motivated. 

I have decided to do as some others do and only do one conversion a week and one leftovers meal in my menu plans as otherwise with everything going on it just gets too out of control.  As my kids eat at home most of the time for lunch I also have to include lunches in my menu planning.

I have decided to break it down like this, for this week anyway and see how it goes....but knowing me it will change slightly..

1 beef
1 pasta
2 chicken
1 fish
1 lamb
2 leftover
6 vegetarian (for diners as we have our meat element at lunch except for hubby)

So that covers my 7 lunches and 7 diners and I also need to make bread, brioche, make sure there is choc nut spread, certain drinks like cordials etc and breakfasts on the weekends.  When we are home which isnt that often of late, we like to have pancakes or similar for at least one of the days of the weekend or what my family calls a 'big breakfast'.
I will post my menu plan a little later on today...after a busy weekend im having a slow day today ...

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