Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Conversion Disaster!

Well last night I decided to just wing it with a conversion of an asian chicken recipe..honey ginger type stir fry and well I overdid it on the ginger and chilli...WOW it was hot, even hubby who loves it spicy said it was nice but quite spicy lol!! 

The other thing is that as I put a whole lot of diced chicken in with the ginger and chilli and it pretty much minced.  I have come to the conclusion that reverse or not you really need to either add the meat in last or have a fair amount of liquid to get good results....will post the recipe once redone more to my liking and tweaked a little to balance out the spice factor...saying that the base flavour was nice...we had it with the rice, had planned noodles but didnt realise they were over their use by date so they went to the dogs! 

Needless to say the kids didnt touch it...they took a mouthful and had their tongues hanging out asking for water!!  I had to have a little laugh then got them something else to eat!

Still havent finalised my menu plan..think its going to end up being a half week menu plan and ill also do the one for next week so im ahead!! The TO DO list is getting a little out of control!  Getting there though!

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  1. Frozzie, you might like to use my Menu Plan template. You can download and/or print it here: https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B9anGVbB9gCjMGVkOTY1NzAtNmNjNi00ZTg1LWFkMGQtNWYxZDEwNDA5OTYw&hl=en_US