Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Breakfast...

Usually on the weekend we make some form of pancakes or some form of 'big breakfast' as we call it!  This past sunday I decided to make pancakes but wanted some form of change so this is what I ended up with..

Apple and Cinnamon Pancakes

1 basic pancake mixture
2 apples cored and quartered
2 tbspns brown sugar
2 tsp ground cinnamon

You just use your standard pancake mix..mine is as follows..

Pancake mix for 4

320g flour (either self raison or plain with a raising agent..i just added a tsp of bicarb soda)
640g milk
2 eggs
pinch of salt

Normally I put the flour and salt in the thermomix and turbo a couple of times to mix it through, then add the eggs and mix on speed 3 or so for a couple of seconds to mix through and finally i add the milk in two or three lots and mix after each addition until you have a smooth mixture.  Let sit for 30 minutes or so then cook as usual.

For this recipe though I put two apples, cored and quartered but with skin on (i used organic so I leave the skin) into the bowl and chopped on speed 4 to 5 for about 5 seconds or until finely chopped.  If you dont like 'bits' you could mix until a puree.  I then added  the cinnamon and brown sugar followed by the flour, salt and egg and mixed for a few seconds on speed 4 to mix well.  Finally add the milk in 2 or 3 lots until you have a smooth mixture.

Ideally you should let it sit for about 30 minutes but I didnt have any time so cooked it straight away and it was still fine.

You could serve it with whatever you like, either a little butter, maple syrup, cream, icecream, custard..whatever takes your fancy.  It was a nice change to standard pancakes..

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back on Track!

Ok I finally sorted everything out with Vorwerk France and we are back on track!  Its been a busy couple of weeks with sick kids, running around and a bit of handy work around the house and getting decorating supplies so the Thermomix and cooking has taken a bit of a back seat these past few weeks but as of next week will be back to it and posting!! 

It is also warming up over here which means a garden to tidy up, alot of cleaning and putting out outdoor furniture etc. which has kept me very busy. 

On a positive note we are having fantastic weather over here!!  Hopefully spring has finally arrived which means summer is not far away..loving that!

I do apologise for my blogging be continued!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where to Start..

Well I was very pleased to receive my Thermomix back today only to find that it was even more damaged than when it left...and certain parts were not put back correctly...I am beyond disappointed, sad, angry...and all this after I was upset in the first place to have it sent away to specialist 'technicians'..unbelievable and pathetic.   I dont even know what else to say I am just so angry and disappointed...awaiting a response from Vorwerk France.

To be continued!

Really Frustrating.....

Ok so for the moment Ive been almost a week without my Thermomix and I'm dying.  There are so many recipes I'm dying to try and convert but no I am stuck waiting in pure frustration for my Thermomix to come back.  I feel like without my little kitchen helper everything is just so much more involved and longer so I find myself unmotivated and just cooking the bare minimum and basic meals like spaghetti bol or chicken schnitzel and mash, soup etc etc.  I miss making my bread and bits and pieces..also grinding up fresh spices to use in recipes, drinks for the kids, butter and the list goes on..its amazing how much you use the Thermomix once you have it and probably dont realise exactly how much until he is gone!!  Hopefully I will have some news this week as to where they are at with my Thermomix and I am hoping by the end of the week he will be back home but that is probably unlikely!

The huge advantage in owning a Thermomix is that you can cook delish meals and dont have to worry about it and go off and get other stuff done but without it you spend so much time staying in the kitchen, watching everything and stirring, making sure it doesnt burn etc etc....bottom line I am definately feeling the void and I am hating the extra washing up!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No Thermomix for a Couple of Weeks!

I will be posting now and then but not Thermomix conversions for the next couple of weeks as I have to send my whole Thermomix back to the factory for them to test it as I have a crack across the plastic covering of the buttons and dials and a lid that has a white mark and worn plastic which I wanted replaced under warranty.   All will be done, its just I have to go without my Thermomix for a little while which doesnt make me a happy chappy!  It seems silly to send the whole unit but apparently it was the only way and how it works in France!  Problems arent that common with the Thermomix but like anything they can happen and unfortunately they happened to me!

Monday, March 7, 2011

So Far, So Good!

For the moment Im sticking to my menu plan but it generally doesnt take much to put me off, especially if Im out of the house and then dont have the time or energy to cook what was planned but anyway today's lunch (and hubby's dinner) was Poulet Sauce Normande or Chicken with a Normandy Sauce and decided to do a potato mash or puree with it and just mix in the zest of one lemon and a few finely chopped chives not forgetting to also season as usual.

Chicken with Normandy Sauce
and potato mash with lemon zest and chives

For 4 people


40-50g butter
4 chicken breast fillet pieces (680g) I used 5 as they were quite small
60g of white cooking wine (dry white)
20g cognac
250g button mushrooms known as champignons de paris over here, sliced
250ml of creme fraiche or sour cream in oz
1 tablespoon of fresh chives
1 tablespoon of flat leaf parsely
250ml of chicken stock (or whatever stock you have)
a tablespoon of cornflour mixed with a little water to make a paste if you find the sauce isnt thick enough for your liking


Put herbs in bowl and chop for a few seconds on speed 4 or turbo about twice (I forgot to do this so just finely chopped them by hand).  Mix into the cream in a seperate bowl and set aside (keep in fridge until needed).

Prepare the chicken breast fillets and place them on the varoma tray lined with a piece of moistened baking paper.  Season each breast with a little salt and pepper and cover with lid ready to cook.
Put the butter and the sliced mushrooms in the bowl (doesnt need to be exact, I actually added more mushrooms) and cook for 5 mins, 100°, speed soft or 1, and on reverse so you dont mush up the mushrooms.
Put the wine, cognac into the bowl with 250ml stock and put the lid and varoma in place and cook on varoma temp, for 12 mins, speed 1, reverse.  Check the chicken after this time also as mine were slightly frozen or very cold at least so may have extended cooking time..but I found the extra time was almost perfect maybe just a minute less.
Remove the varoma temporarily to add the cream and herbs and cook for a further 7 mins on varoma, speed 1, reverse always.  Dont forget to reput the varoma and chicken back on top before restarting the cooking time.
Chicken should be cooked but double check its cooked to your liking, I think it could have even gone one minute less but was fine.
If not reduced enough or not as thick as you like just add some cornflour mixed with a little water to thicken.  I added a tablespoon with a little water to make a paste then added and mixed it around with a spoon and didnt need to cook any further as it thickened straight away and was just how I like it.
While this is cooking I prepared the mash potato which I did on the stove and usually add cream and a little cubed butter, mash it all up and then added the zest of one lemon and a handful of finely chopped chives (I cut them up with kitchen scissors) and mix it through.  You could do it in the thermomix beforehand but I find its quicker to make it while the thermomix is cooking the chicken...if only I had another thermomix hihi or at least another bowl!

Serve with the mashed potatoes and I cut the chicken breast cut in thick slices crossways layed on the mash and covered in sauce...mmm bon appetit!

The recipe was converted roughly from a recipe from a cookbook I have in french called Vite Fait Vite Pret by Marabout.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quiet Sunday...

Today was a lazy sunday... I just made a loaf of bread and finally found a recipe for a 'choc hazelnut' spread that my hubby would eat and converted it for the Thermomix..will post a little later on..

Also finalised my menu plan for the week which I use mainly as a guide...and here it is:

Breakfast is fairly standard and generally homemade bread toasted with vegemite or nutella with some beverage or another except on weekends where we usually have pancakes or something similar.


lunch - chicken with normandy sauce and rice or puree
dinner - pumpkin soup


lunch - baked stuffed potato with some form of bolognaise
dinner - zucchini and feta croquettes


lunch - spicy beef sausages with puree and sauce
dinner - left overs


lunch - greek style leg lamb with opi2kenopi's marinade and roast veg
dinner - green veg curry


lunch - minced lamb sticks with yoghurt sauce and probably rice
dinner - tom kha gai (thai chicken soup)


lunch - chive potato patties, piece of steak and echalotte sauce
dinner - potato, pumpkin and honey soup


lunch - herbed chicken schnitzel and a vegie puree
dinner - creamed mushrooms and soft boiled eggs with toast fingers

Voila....and heres to a great start to a new week!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

And for dinner.....

Corn and Zucchini Fritters with Salsa


50g butter
125ml milk
110g flour
2 eggs
210g creamed corn (as I didnt have creamed corn I used corn kernels and mixed up finely and added a little milk)
2 medium zucchini (240g)
vegetable oil for frying


3 medium egg or roma tomatoes chopped (i used normal tomatoes)
2 medium avocados (500g) chopped coursely
1 small red onion (100g), chopped coursely (i used half a normal one)
2 tablespoons lime juice
2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh coriander


Prepare salsa (mix all the ingredients together).

Peel and cut in rough chunks the zucchini and chop for a few seconds on speed 5.  Set aside.

Prepare 'creamed corn' if you dont have any..I added in a can of corn kernels (350-400g) minus the liquid and mixed it for 5-10 seconds on speed 5 (or until its chopped up finely and a little creamy).  Add a little milk and mix again on speed 5 for 5-10 seconds.  Set aside (I just added it to the same bowl as the zucchini).

Put butter in bowl and melt for 1 - 2 mins at 50°, speed 2 to melt the butter.  Add the milk, flour and egg and mix to combine until smooth (a few seconds on speed 4 to 5 or a few turbo bursts).

Add the prepared zucchini and corn and remix for a few seconds on speed 4 to combine.

Heat oil in a frying pan and shallow fry heaped tablespoons of the mixture until finished.

Serve on a plate with heaped tablespoons of the salsa mixture and some homemade lime yoghurt.

Lime Yoghurt

250g greek yoghurt
The zest and juice of one lime

Zest one lime into yoghurt and then add juice.  Mix to combine. 

You can do this in the thermomix but I find it easier for once to do it quickly with a zester and mix all in a small bowl.  Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

Bon appetit!

  • converted from two books for the most part..from a WW minibook I got in Dubai 'Fishcakes & Crispybakes' and a Marabout one in French 'Recettes Vite Pretes' which seems to be the French conversion of WW Books!

Cinnamon Buns..Delish!!

Today I tried out a recipe for cinnamon buns that has been converted for the Thermomix..they were is the the link for the recipe posted by the lovely JulieO!

Ok so here are a few photos of the different steps and the finished product!

After the mix of ingredients and first rise, I flattened out the dough and generously pasted with melted butter, ready to be covered in the yummy cinnamon sugar..

Here is the dough covered in the sugar mix..

and rolled up ready to be cut, rebuttered and placed either on a prepared oven tray or greased dish, tin, whatever you have handy...

the buns cut up and buttered ready to be cooked..

and the final result all cooked and yummy and drizzled with icing...absolutely delish!  The first I cooked 6 buns in a deep glass oven dish but any would do and the rest I cooked on oven trays.. 

mmmmm was very much enjoyed by the family and some friends later that afternoon..will definately be making again and freezing the majority before the second rise. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Need Some Time

Blogging is new to me, I read so many others for recipes etc and decided to create my own but need a little time to get myself organised and find my way around posting and photos etc..a little patience and ill be off blogging like a pro!