Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Worldwide Thermie Resource...

Its been quite a while since i posted anything as 2012 has bought about alot of change in my life.... Both good and bad but cooking is still a central part of it!

That aside, I just thought i would share a little gem with those of you who havent discovered it yet.  I have had my thermomix for a little over two years now and as much as there are many thermomix books and resources out there by not only the makers of Thermomix but also more and more individuals creating products for use by thermie, there is one resource out there that I was lucky enough to stumble across in the early days of owning my Thermomix.  That resourse is Forum Thermomix.. Where not only are there thermomix recipes with contributions from all over the world but there is such an open community that is willing to help out anyone looking for help or a recipe or just simple guidance.  There are also users of other pieces of equipment that share and ask for help in converting or testing new recipes who are welcomed with open forum arms.

Without this resource of thermomix recipes, I would have found finding inspiration difficult and certainly lost that buzz you get when you discover how many things you can make and make well with your Thermomix.

Definately a must have resource if you have a thermomix or even if you want one but havent got there yet!  .........and the best thing other than the great community and recipes is its all FREE!

There are some very talented cooks out there who have shared some fabulous recipes and I love to cook and I am a far cry off trying anywhere near half of the recipes endless resource of fabulous Thermomix recipes.

Why not pop over here and have a look.. You wont regret it!