Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Really Frustrating.....

Ok so for the moment Ive been almost a week without my Thermomix and I'm dying.  There are so many recipes I'm dying to try and convert but no I am stuck waiting in pure frustration for my Thermomix to come back.  I feel like without my little kitchen helper everything is just so much more involved and longer so I find myself unmotivated and just cooking the bare minimum and basic meals like spaghetti bol or chicken schnitzel and mash, soup etc etc.  I miss making my bread and bits and pieces..also grinding up fresh spices to use in recipes, drinks for the kids, butter and the list goes on..its amazing how much you use the Thermomix once you have it and probably dont realise exactly how much until he is gone!!  Hopefully I will have some news this week as to where they are at with my Thermomix and I am hoping by the end of the week he will be back home but that is probably unlikely!

The huge advantage in owning a Thermomix is that you can cook delish meals and dont have to worry about it and go off and get other stuff done but without it you spend so much time staying in the kitchen, watching everything and stirring, making sure it doesnt burn etc etc....bottom line I am definately feeling the void and I am hating the extra washing up!

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