Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quiet Sunday...

Today was a lazy sunday... I just made a loaf of bread and finally found a recipe for a 'choc hazelnut' spread that my hubby would eat and converted it for the Thermomix..will post a little later on..

Also finalised my menu plan for the week which I use mainly as a guide...and here it is:

Breakfast is fairly standard and generally homemade bread toasted with vegemite or nutella with some beverage or another except on weekends where we usually have pancakes or something similar.


lunch - chicken with normandy sauce and rice or puree
dinner - pumpkin soup


lunch - baked stuffed potato with some form of bolognaise
dinner - zucchini and feta croquettes


lunch - spicy beef sausages with puree and sauce
dinner - left overs


lunch - greek style leg lamb with opi2kenopi's marinade and roast veg
dinner - green veg curry


lunch - minced lamb sticks with yoghurt sauce and probably rice
dinner - tom kha gai (thai chicken soup)


lunch - chive potato patties, piece of steak and echalotte sauce
dinner - potato, pumpkin and honey soup


lunch - herbed chicken schnitzel and a vegie puree
dinner - creamed mushrooms and soft boiled eggs with toast fingers

Voila....and heres to a great start to a new week!

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