Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cinnamon Buns..Delish!!

Today I tried out a recipe for cinnamon buns that has been converted for the Thermomix..they were is the the link for the recipe posted by the lovely JulieO!

Ok so here are a few photos of the different steps and the finished product!

After the mix of ingredients and first rise, I flattened out the dough and generously pasted with melted butter, ready to be covered in the yummy cinnamon sugar..

Here is the dough covered in the sugar mix..

and rolled up ready to be cut, rebuttered and placed either on a prepared oven tray or greased dish, tin, whatever you have handy...

the buns cut up and buttered ready to be cooked..

and the final result all cooked and yummy and drizzled with icing...absolutely delish!  The first I cooked 6 buns in a deep glass oven dish but any would do and the rest I cooked on oven trays.. 

mmmmm was very much enjoyed by the family and some friends later that afternoon..will definately be making again and freezing the majority before the second rise. 


  1. I'm making these right now Frozzie! I didn't use all the butter and sugar on mine as it seemed like so much.
    Mine are rising as I type.

  2. I decided to use it all first go and it didnt seem too much as a finished product but next time I would probably tone down the sugar a bit but they are so yummmy..enjoy!