Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No Thermomix for a Couple of Weeks!

I will be posting now and then but not Thermomix conversions for the next couple of weeks as I have to send my whole Thermomix back to the factory for them to test it as I have a crack across the plastic covering of the buttons and dials and a lid that has a white mark and worn plastic which I wanted replaced under warranty.   All will be done, its just I have to go without my Thermomix for a little while which doesnt make me a happy chappy!  It seems silly to send the whole unit but apparently it was the only way and how it works in France!  Problems arent that common with the Thermomix but like anything they can happen and unfortunately they happened to me!


  1. Hi Frozzie,
    really don't know how you'll do it?! No TM for weeks?? I've been owning a Tm for 20 years and got the latest model about a year ago, by now I cook for 8 hungry people and still use it EVERYDAY!!!!
    I'll follow the blog to see how you are managing, greetings from Germany,

  2. Hi Susanne

    Its actually around 7-10 days away plus the time I didnt use it since the 'crack' and the finding out how to get it fixed (so a couple of weeks)..I am missing it dearly and Im actually hardly cooking just whipping up quick and basic meals at the moment..its just not the same 'Life without Thermomix'! Not to mention my shopping bill also was quite a bit more expensive this week...hopefully all will be back to normal soon enough.