Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Away

Had a great weekend at a gite (holiday house/country house) in Bourgogne (large wine region of France for those of you who dont know) to spend some times with good friends we dont see that often..

We were lucky and had great weather all weekend and even got some free cooking lessons from the lovely Gina...mexican food yum yum!! Only problem is that the weekend always goes way too fast but we do enjoy our weekend catchups a couple of times a year!

This was the bbq area with a french style chimney type bbq (not in photo) but we ended up moving the tables and eating in the lovely sunshine.   They also had horses in the fields behind which is what the boys were climbing up to look at!

The grange on the other side of the garden and courtyard, closed off to guests but the kids still tried to get in there haha!

The lovely Gina who I met on the weekend (a friend of a close friend of mine) showed us how to make Chicken Mole, Sopes, Gorditas and explained how to make chillis sauces and salsas...

Here is the chicken mole.....was lovely and tasty...cant wait to get all the recipes and have a mexican night at home!

However due to our last minute weekend away I didnt get around to starting the barley sprouts for the malt as I wouldnt have had the time before leaving so that will be this week and I need to post of few recipes such as the mushroom meatball one and some different quiches which are very yummy.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend wherever you may have been :)

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